The FeeSettings object type contains the current base transaction cost and reserve amounts as determined by fee voting. Each ledger version contains at most one FeeSettings object.

Example FeeSettings JSON

Example FeeSettings object:

   "BaseFee": "000000000000000A",
   "Flags": 0,
   "LedgerEntryType": "FeeSettings",
   "ReferenceFeeUnits": 10,
   "ReserveBase": 20000000,
   "ReserveIncrement": 5000000,
   "index": "4BC50C9B0D8515D3EAAE1E74B29A95804346C491EE1A95BF25E4AAB854A6A651"

FeeSettings Fields

The FeeSettings object has the following fields:

Name JSON Type Internal Type Required? Description
BaseFee String UInt64 Yes The transaction cost of the "reference transaction" in drops of XRP as hexadecimal.
Flags Number UInt32 Yes A bit-map of boolean flags enabled for this object. Currently, the protocol defines no flags for FeeSettings objects. The value is always 0.
LedgerEntryType String UInt16 Yes The value 0x0073, mapped to the string FeeSettings, indicates that this object contains the ledger's fee settings.
ReferenceFeeUnits Number UInt32 Yes The BaseFee translated into "fee units".
ReserveBase Number UInt32 Yes The base reserve for an account in the XRP Ledger, as drops of XRP.
ReserveIncrement Number UInt32 Yes The incremental owner reserve for owning objects, as drops of XRP.

Warning: The JSON format for this ledger object type is unusual. The BaseFee, ReserveBase, and ReserveIncrement indicate drops of XRP but not in the usual format for specifying XRP.

FeeSettings ID Format

The FeeSettings object ID is the hash of the FeeSettings space key (0x0065) only. This means that the ID of the FeeSettings object in a ledger is always: